Fundraiser Support

At present, there are ten students accepted for our three-month training program from September 17-December 14, 2018. We know God will fill in the remaining two spots to complete our set number of twelve for this program. The next batch of training will be from mid-February to mid-May, thus enabling us to train twenty-four church planters a year.

These students will begin their church planting project during the first week of training, as well as working full time as a church planter upon graduation. They will commit to planting daughter churches up to the fourth generation in line with the theme of II Timothy 2:2—the foundation of our whole ministry.

We have had an amazing opportunity to partner with Alpha Ministries, who have graciously offered to support all our graduates of half of their needed financial support for up to three years upon graduation. God has blessed this ministry immensely, but we still have a long ways to go. We still need support for the rest of the finances to complete the next three months of their training. We urge you to keep us in prayer during these next few months, and to consider financial support for the training of these church planters. 

God bless!