Mindoro Outreach

Several weeks ago, God allowed me, my son, Joe, and our friend Aaron to minister to the Mangyans—a rural tribe in the Mindoro jungle, along with a missionary couple and their two children. Together, we taught the Word of God to the Mangyan churches.

This trip to Mindoro was really a humbling one, and I believe that we were more blessed by the whole experience than the people we ministered to. As we were there, I learned that the typical Mangyan eats only one meal a day. One of the pastors even told me he saw a man eat a rat because of the lack of food! It saddened me to hear of their dismal situation and I couldn’t thank God enough for providing for me. We are praying that God would send someone with knowledge about livelihood projects and health care to help these people improve their standard of living as well as their spiritual well-being. It’s amazing what God can do in unreached places as we preached the Gospel and gave out food. We are praying that God will lead us to partner with our friend, Pastor Jonathan to minister to other unreached villages in Mindoro.